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Are you still punching holes in the walls? Smart people use no-punch hooks


In daily life, we often encounter a lot of messy items in the bathroom, kitchen, and living room, and there is not enough space for storage. The first thing that comes to mind is to make a hole in the wall to hang things to solve the problem. Not only that, when everyone is decorating the wall, such as hanging pictures and making photo walls, it is inevitable to drill holes in the wall. But in the face of the brand new wall, I really can't do it. What if I want to move the position in the future? It is particularly ugly to expose small nail holes. If it is a kitchen or bathroom, there is a risk of damaging the waterproofing.

If you are renting, the landlord is even less likely to let you punch holes. For example, young people who have just graduated do not have a lot of money and can only rent a single room, but they have a lot of things. Shelves and full-length mirrors are definitely indispensable. When the landlord saw holes in the wall, he immediately withheld the loss of the deposit.

So there is a punch free hook that does not need to be punched. The reason for the recommendation: strong endurance! No nails, no marks, no damage to the wall! It is waterproof and oil-proof and does not fall off, making it suitable for the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. Nail-free glue has a relatively strong bearing capacity and adhesion. Anything that does not want to be punched can be glued to it, such as hooks, pictures, shelves, and even tiles and skirting boards. The method of use is also very simple; just apply the glue to the item to be fixed, pull it apart for about 10 seconds after pasting, let the glue fully evaporate, and then press it tightly to bond. It is not difficult to remove; just heat it with a hair dryer for 3 minutes.


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