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Electric butterfly valve industry qualification issues


Frequent operating errors in the electric butterfly valve industry have brought about safety issues that have once again attracted widespread attention from all walks of life. Therefore, in recent years, more and more attention has been paid to the qualification of the electric butterfly valve industry.

The use and operation of electric butterfly valves require regular comprehensive inspections by relevant staff and require employees to have professional qualifications and capabilities. The requirements are not standardized, and some accidents are even attributed to product failures in an attempt to cover up the defects in personnel qualifications, thus burying a lot of potential safety hazards.

For this kind of defect in management, enterprises can refer to the regulations formulated by the state for employees in the electric butterfly valve industry. In order to further optimize management, they may also wish to refer to the management experience of a foreign company of the same type. Operators in the electric butterfly valve industry must have the professional theoretical knowledge and practical experience required for equipment inspection, testing, or certification, be able to find defects or problems in products through actual inspection and testing, and accurately judge and evaluate their impact on product safety. The ability to influence the degree of influence to ensure that it can make the most accurate problem judgment within the scope of its own ability or seek scientific guidance and suggestions from higher-level industry experts.

In addition, the relevant units and enterprises operating electric butterfly valves must clarify their own safety awareness and responsibilities. Only in this way can we fundamentally control the unstable factors that cause human-made safety threats, so as to greatly reduce the risk of some unexpected situations and dangerous accidents. At the same time, it is hoped that the relevant norms and systems of practitioners can also be gradually developed and improved to create a harmonious and healthy atmosphere in the electric butterfly valve industry.


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