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I made a fortune on Tiktok based on these three UV LED nail lights


A person's hands are a way for him or her to show his or her charm, and the different colors and shapes on people's fingernails add a lot to that charm. A UV LED nail lamp is a must-have item in the home of any beauty enthusiast. And I made a fortune on Tik Tok by relying on the three UV nail lamps listed below. If you're interested, keep reading.

1. Nail Polish Dryer Machine

90-watt nail polish dryer machine with 42 LED bulbs for fast curing of UV gel,LED gel, builder gel, acrylic gel, magnetic gel, gem glue, shellac glue, base coat,  top coat, and other new gels. It has a 365+405 light source and is ideal for curing nail gels. It is a smart UV lamp with a memory function that recalls the most recent drying time.


2. Nail Polish Dryer

Diamond/Mirror type LED UV nail polish dryer designed for professional art gel drying in nail salons. It has 4 buttons for 5s/30s/60s and on/off, as well as a start button for changing power from 48watts to 24watts or 24watts to 48watts, a special product with the right wavelength for UV gel/LED gel/Builder gel/Acrylic gel/Magnetic gel that dries faster than LED ones.


3. UV Manicure Lamp

UV Manicure Lamp with stand/holder. UV Manicure Lamps  match user demand and dry all types of nail gels, designed for both professional and amateur manicurists to cure UV builder and led gels. And you can watch short videos while making nail salon.


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