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Introduction of laminating machine


Introduction of laminating machine

In the technical field of bonding machinery, it particularly refers to a bonding machine for bonding two-layer substrates. It is achieved through the following technical scheme: the gluing machine includes a first substrate unwinding device for placing the first substrate, a gluing device, a second substrate unwinding device for placing the second substrate, and Preheating, conveying, heating, pressurizing and laminating device. The preheating, conveying, heating, pressurizing and laminating device includes a motor, a heating wheel driven by the motor, and a pressing wheel, wherein a drying heating conveying area and pressure bonding area, wherein the pressure roller is located on the periphery of this pressure bonding area; the base material placed on the first base material unwinding device passes through the gluing device and enters the drying and heating transport on the circumferential surface of the heating big wheel Zone, and the second base material passes through between the pressure roller and the heating roller under the transportation of the heating roller. The utility model has the advantages of environmental protection and energy saving, and the whole process is compact and has the advantages of saving space.

The laminating machine differs due to the different designs of each machinery manufacturer. However, the components on the machine roughly include: coating, drying, hot pressing, cooling...etc.

Laminating machine technical parameters

Power: 220V, 50Hz, 0.5KW

Label specification: L (15 ~ 300) mm x H (15 ~ 130) mm

Product specifications: Dia Ø20~Ø80; H (25~300) mm

Labeling speed: 0~250 sheets/min (full label without coding)

0~220 sheets/min (full standard with coding)

0~280 sheets/min (non-full standard with coding)

0~250 sheets/min (non-full standard with coding)

Dimensions: L2000mm, W800mm, H1600mm

Available accessories: coding machine D-1

Technical parameters: Power: 1P, 220V, 50/60Hz, 0.2KW Label specification: L(15~300)mm x H(15~150)mm Product specification: L(20~300)mm W(10~200)mm Labeling speed: 0~300 sheets/min Dimensions: L1251mm, W1000mm, H1700mm


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