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The operating procedures of lost foam casting


1. Before work, check whether the lost foam casting sand-sticking furnace wall, furnace, trailer, wire rope pulley, and fan are normal and whether there are unsafe factors such as collapse, breakage, and cracking. If there is, it should be properly disposed of before lighting the stove. When using an electric furnace for quenching, the scale and metal materials on or around the heating wire should be carefully removed.

2. When starting a fire, carefully check the coal for explosives. During the whole process of stopping the wind, the coal lane should not be added too thickly to prevent gas explosions. Elimination of slag should be done anytime and anywhere, and inventory accumulation is prohibited.

3. Before loading and unloading, agricultural and animal husbandry casting dealers should check whether there are obstacles on the rail grooves and whether the lifting hooks, chains, and other tools are reliable.

4. When loading and unloading large castings or thick-walled workpieces, they must be laid flat and stable. Appropriate gaps should be left in the middle, and the carrying height should not exceed the requirements.

5. Before launching, the insulation bricks and refractory mud on the furnace should be removed, and the trailer structure should be checked to see if it is practical.

6. When the wholesale price of zinc alloy die-casting parts is announced and they are loaded and unloaded, unrelated workers are not allowed to approach the two sides of the industrial rail flat car to prevent sandboxes or product workpieces from collapsing and causing injuries. It is forbidden to rest or pile up objects around the furnace wall.

7. When the working environment temperature is higher than 400 °C, it is strictly forbidden to use transmission chains or galvanized steel wire ropes for hoisting (or adopt heat insulation measures) to prevent rupture after quenching. When using driving to lift objects at work, the operating procedures for driving and hooking workers should be followed.

8. When agricultural and animal husbandry casting manufacturers use gas stoves, they should follow the liquefied gas ignition sequence: first, use compressed air to blow out the residual gas in the furnace, pay attention to the air compression valve, ignite the fire rod, slightly open the gate valve of the liquefied gas nozzle, and burn the gas. Adjust the total flow rate of compressed gas and liquefied petroleum gas after touching the nozzle to make them fully combustible. During the truce, the order is reversed and disorder is prohibited.

9. When baking with cooking oil, the order of ignition is: first close the intake valve, ignite the fire rod, slightly open the accelerator pedal, then adjust the gas gate valve and accelerator pedal to make it fully burnt. "Air pressure oil" is strictly prohibited.

10. When Ningbo Zhiye Lost Foam Casting chooses a pulverized coal fuel furnace, it is forbidden to burn the furnace when there is a problem with the fan or the pipeline has cracks.

11. When maintaining the electric furnace, be sure to disconnect the main switch, put up a sign saying "some people are repairing it, it is strictly forbidden to reclose the switch", or set up someone to monitor it.


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