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What are the characteristics of CNC grinding process?


CNC Grinding is widely used in the machinery manufacturing industry. Heat-treated and quenched carbon tool steel and carburized and quenched steel parts have the characteristics of low workload and high precision. During grinding, a large number of more regularly arranged cracks - grinding cracks - often appear on the surface that is basically perpendicular to the grinding direction. It not only affects the appearance of the part, but more importantly, directly affects the quality of the part. The following is a brief introduction to the characteristics of CNC grinding technology:

1. High grinding efficiency

The CNC grinding wheel rotates at high speed relative to the workpiece. Generally, the linear speed of the grinding wheel is about dozens of times that of ordinary tools. The machine tool can obtain a high metal removal rate. With the further improvement of the efficiency of the new grinding process, turning, milling, and planing have been replaced in some processes, and shapes are formed directly from the blank. At the same time, the abrasive particles and the workpiece produce strong friction and rapid plastic deformation of the CNC machine tool, thus generating a large amount of grinding heat.

2. Able to achieve high accuracy

The chip layer removed by each abrasive grain is very thin, generally only a few microns, so the surface can obtain high precision and low surface roughness.

3. High cutting power consumes more energy

The grinding wheel is composed of many abrasive CNC machine tools. The distribution of abrasive grains in the grinding wheel is messy and uneven. When cutting, it usually has a negative rake angle, and the tip has a certain arc radius, so the cutting power is high. , the energy consumption of machine tools is large.

3. Wide scope of application

The CNC grinding wheel abrasive grains have high hardness and good thermal stability. They can be made not only of unquenched steel, cast iron and non-ferrous metals, but also of very hard materials such as quenched steel, various cutting tools and hard machine tool alloys.

5. High process flexibility

Mainly reflected in the flexibility of CNC machine tool objects, that is, the function of easily replacing one type of part for another within a certain range, which significantly shortens the adjustment and preparation time of multi-variety equipment.

6. High process automation

CNC grinders solve the basic contradiction between the low degree of automation and efficiency of ordinary machine tools and the poor flexibility of automatic machine tools, special machine tools or automatic lines, and become a modern method for fully functional machine tools.


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