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Key features and characteristics of the WAGO 773 Series quickly wire connectors


The WAGO 773 Series is a line of quickly wire connectors designed for fast and convenient electrical connections in various applications. These connectors are known for their tool-free installation, reliability, and versatility. The WAGO 773 Series connectors are commonly used by electricians and installers for making secure and efficient wire connections. Here are some key features and characteristics of the WAGO 773 Series quickly wire connectors:

1. Push-In Terminal Design: Like other WAGO connectors, the 773 Series features a push-in terminal design. This design allows for quick and easy insertion of wires without the need for stripping, twisting, or crimping. The connector's internal mechanism securely grips the wire, creating a reliable electrical connection.

2. Tool-Free Installation: One of the primary advantages of the 773 Series connectors is their tool-free installation. This feature simplifies the connection process and reduces labor time and effort.

3. Versatility: These connectors are versatile and can accommodate various wire sizes, including solid and stranded wires. They are suitable for use with both copper and aluminum conductors.

4. Compact Design: The connectors have a compact and space-saving design, making them suitable for use in tight or confined spaces, such as electrical boxes and enclosures.

5. Transparent Housing: Many connectors in the 773 Series feature a transparent or translucent housing, allowing users to visually inspect the connections. This helps ensure that wires are properly inserted and seated within the connector.

6. High Current and Voltage Ratings: The connectors in this series are designed to handle high current and voltage ratings, making them suitable for a wide range of applications, including industrial and commercial installations.

7. Secure and Vibration-Resistant: WAGO connectors are engineered to provide secure and vibration-resistant wire connections. The internal clamping mechanism ensures that the wires remain securely in place, even in applications subject to vibrations or movement.

8. Multiple Ports: Some connectors in the 773 Series come with multiple ports, allowing for the connection of multiple wires within a single connector. This feature is particularly useful in junction boxes and fixtures where multiple wires need to be joined.

9. Reusable: WAGO connectors in the 773 Series are typically reusable, enabling easy disconnection and reconnection of wires when needed.

10. Temperature Rating: These connectors are typically designed to operate within a specific temperature range, ensuring their suitability for various indoor and outdoor applications.

WAGO 773 Series quickly wire connectors are widely used in residential, commercial, and industrial electrical installations. They are commonly found in junction boxes, electrical panels, lighting fixtures, switches, outlets, and various other applications where secure and efficient wire connections are required. The convenience and reliability of these connectors make them a preferred choice for professionals in the electrical industry.


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