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Key features and working principles of a roller conveyor shot blasting machine


A roller conveyor shot blasting machine is a type of surface preparation equipment used to clean, descale, or remove contaminants from the surface of workpieces or components. It is commonly employed in industries such as automotive, foundry, steel fabrication, and metalworking. Here are some key features and working principles of a roller conveyor shot blasting machine:

1. Design: A roller conveyor shot blasting machine typically consists of a series of motor-driven rollers or conveyor belts arranged in a chamber. The workpieces or components to be cleaned are placed on the rollers or conveyed through the machine.

2. Shot blasting process: The cleaning process in a roller conveyor shot blasting machine involves propelling abrasive media, such as steel shots or grits, at high velocity onto the surface of the workpieces. The abrasive media is typically propelled by one or more blast wheels, which are positioned strategically in the machine.

3. Blast wheels: Blast wheels are centrifugal wheels equipped with blades or paddles that throw the abrasive media onto the workpiece surface. The rotation of the blast wheels and the controlled ejection of the abrasive media create a blasting pattern, ensuring thorough coverage of the workpieces.

4. Surface preparation: The abrasive media impact the surface of the workpieces, removing rust, scale, paint, coatings, and other contaminants. This process helps achieve a clean and uniform surface, promoting improved adhesion for subsequent processes like painting, coating, or further treatment.

5. Recovery and recycling system: To minimize waste and maintain the efficiency of the shot blasting process, roller conveyor shot blasting machines are equipped with a recovery and recycling system. This system collects the used abrasive media, separates it from the removed contaminants, and recirculates it back into the machine for reuse.

6. Dust collection: Shot blasting generates a significant amount of dust and debris. To ensure a clean and safe working environment, a dust collection system is integrated into the machine. This system captures and filters the dust, preventing it from being released into the surrounding area.

7. Automation and control: Many roller conveyor shot blasting machines are equipped with automation features and advanced control systems. This allows for precise control of process parameters, such as blasting time, speed, and abrasive flow, ensuring consistent and efficient cleaning results.

Roller conveyor shot blasting machines are suitable for a wide range of workpiece sizes and shapes. They are commonly used for cleaning and preparing surfaces of steel plates, profiles, pipes, castings, forgings, and other metal components. The specific configuration and specifications of the machine can vary depending on the application requirements and workpiece dimensions.

It is essential to follow the manufacturer's guidelines and safety instructions when operating a roller conveyor shot blasting machine to ensure optimal performance and operator safety.


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